Gait Cycle Video – “A breakdown of each component”


Embryology of the Heart

Dear Air France

Please stop sending me emails about flight deals that happened in the past.

If you send an email telling me that flights from Japan to Europe are 75,000 yen, I will click over to look.

It REALLY irritates me when this price is only valid for April 2010, three fucking months ago.

Get your shit together.

Cursor Factory

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Couch Cushion Architecture Crit


Marion, you are awesome.

Yes, I know it’s been four months. Explanations/excuses to follow.

For now, feast your eyes on Marion Cotillard’s boobs.

(If anyone can tell me how to embed this – I’d love to know.)

Happy Halloween!


When I started teaching, I felt like a fake. I just knew the kids knew that I felt stupid singing songs, dancing around and playing games.


Now, a little over a year in, I feel like a real teacher.


Why? Because when playing Halloween-themed bingo, I get a sick amount of pleasure from saying “Ready? Set? Ghost!!”

And then pulling out the ghost card.




I know.