Weird Things

By weird things I mean weird products. There are enough weird things in Japan to fill an entire department of a university so I won’t get into it right now. Actually, I think they might have done that already.

I’m a sucker for weird or cute things, or things that are weirdly cute. Japan was not the place for me to come to save money. I walk into the shop to get milk and before I know it I’m walking out with a bag full of novelty stuff for the apartment and novelty products I can’t even eat because they’re too… novel.

Anyway, here are a few of the weird things I’ve bought in the last few days…

A white chocolate strawberry KitKat. I actually bought a blueberry one too, but I ate that. It was weird.

White Pepsi. It’s a yogurt and cola sparkling drink made by Pepsi. Seriously.

I tried this too. I bought it on a whim and brought it to school. I showed it to the kids and I could see the disgust plastered all over their little faces. We tried it anyway. It was so unbelievably gross that they literally rolled around on the floor yowling.

On the upside, I learned a new word – きらい – dislike/hate.

And lastly, my personal favourite…

Hello Kitty toilet paper! Good grief. I was stunned into a good 30 seconds of silence in the supermarket. I had to buy it. How poor Kitty ended up with her face on TP, or how the lords of sanrio thought that this would be a good idea I’ll never know. But there she is.

There’s probably no point in opening that savings account after all.


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  1. These are awesome.

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