Weird Things II

A few more weird things I’ve been forced to part with my cash for in Japan.


This was the first weird thing I saw when I arrived. It’s a coke can with a lid. Just in case you can’t drink a whole can in one go. This was taken on the train from Narita to Tokyo station.


Next, some tea-flavoured things. Not green tea. Regular tea. Green tea flavoured things are everywhere around May, when the tea is harvested. You can get a green tea McFlurry in Mickey D’s. But this is just black tea.


Here are some hojicha kitkats. Hojicha is roasted green tea. Not black tea, not green tea. They smell kind of like honey vanilla coffee beans. Weird. The first one was awful, but then I inhaled the entire bag. The other 19 weren’t so bad.


Next up, English milk tea ice cream. This tastes like plain (not vanilla, just nothing-flavoured) ice cream gone bad. With sugar added. When this particular brand makes flavours like chocolate decadence, white chocolate raspberry truffle and mango, why would anyone buy milk tea except to laugh, take a picture of it and post it on the internet??


Lastly, triple berry kit kats. Kit kats are mental over here. They come in all sorts of strange gross flavours, and some nice ones. I’ll source a few for you next time I go shopping. These ones were nicer than the strawberry or blueberry ones, but still a one-off purchase. I think I’ll stick with regular flavoured chunky kit kats for now.



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