I made a friend!

So I finally hooked up with the girl who lives in the town nearby. Not romantically hooked up, just met up. I invited her over last night to have dinner and watch a movie. (Though that does sound like a date).

We decided to try a restaurant I’d never been to before. It was tiny, only four tables and a bar, and ONE guy working there. Somehow this didn’t seem like it would be a problem…

We ordered drinks and some appetizers to start, meaning to order the actual food when he came back with the appetizers. That took well over an hour. Service in Japanese restaurants is often slow, but come on. 90 minutes? For some fried cheese in batter? It wasn’t like the place was full, only two of the three other tables were occupied, and one group had finished eating when we arrived and were well into the drinking. The other table was a couple. I was struggling to hide my anger from my new friend (best to wait til they know you better to unleash the crazy right?) but she was annoyed too. We ended up leaving after the three minutes it took to eat the cheese and getting konbini food on the way home.

It was such a treat to have someone to speak English with who isn’t my boss! We somehow ended up staying up til 7am talking about living in Japan (she’s been here over 2 years), home (she’s from the US) and all sorts of other random things.

It’s not often I get a girl-crush, but this could be great – a friendship borne of a shared love of food, books and lame movies. With a little cynical rage thrown in.

(I’ve just realised how weird it would be if she read this. Do I sound like a stalker?)


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