JLPT Update

I didn’t take it. I drank the All Japanese All The Time kool-aid and went in a different direction. I learned a rake of kanji that weren’t on the JLPT 4 list and left out over half that were. I learned words and phrases that I needed to learn for teaching and daily life rather than the ones on the list. 


Yet, I still really wanted to take it. But then I actually looked up the exam centre’s location and realised that there was no way in heck I was going to get there by the time the exam started without a car. So, what with not wanting to have to book a hotel, the decision was made for me. 


I still kind of wish I had taken it, but since I knew I wasn’t going to pass (and I’m not being modest here, I genuinely hadn’t looked at well over half of the things that would be examined) and was taking it “just to see” how I was doing, I decided against it. 


I’m realigning my goals and planning to take the JLPT Level 3 next year instead. The plan is to continue on the AJATT/Remembering The Kanji path and then do some grammar/vocab cramming before the test.


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