Sanity/The Wire



Tonight I finally finished watching The Wire. I had been stringing it out over the last six months, hoping to make five seasons last as long as humanly possible. I guess six months is the limit. 


The Wire is quite simply the greatest show I’ve even watched. It’s awesome. I was a Sopranos evangelist for years and people always told me to get onto The Wire.  I dragged my heels, thinking I’d be disappointed, and anyway I was so busy with Dexter and Heroes and the last season of Sopranos that I didn’t start watching it til August. 


I wasn’t disappointed. From the second or third episode I was totally hooked. There are a couple of dud story lines (the port guys anyone?) but overall it’s just stunning. Omar is possibly the best character ever created. I felt a real sense of loss when the last episode ended. 


Now I have to find the two prequels! And a new show to become obsessed with… 


Any ideas?


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