Children’s Clothing (Warning – Offensive)

                                                       I don't know who owns this. If it's you, kudos.


Personally, I find the Japanese version of English, commonly known as Engrish,  to be either horrifying or hilarious, often both.  Mostly it’s just “l” and “r” switches (Japanese people generally can’t hear the difference) or totally made up words and phrases. “Make happy fun time! Let’s bowling!!” Sometimes, it’s something really offensive. And  now and then, it’s printed on clothing worn by children.


Today in work I hit the Engrish jackpot not once, but twice. 


A six-year-old boy wearing a t-shirt that had “BASTARD” printed in 4-inch letters five times. Once on the front, twice on the back and one on each arm. 


An eight-year-old girl wearing a sweater with “SO HOT LIGHT NOW” taking up the entire front panel. 


Sometimes work is awesome.

For more laughs at babelfish’s expense, check out


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