Long Time No Blog

Things have sort of gone a bit… different around here. 


That is to say, things are almost exactly the same, but my mindset has changed. Or something. 


If I was to lay the blame on something, it would be buying the car. (Yes, the car is now parked outside. It’s sweet.)  Having a car (while awesome) has changed me into (bear with me) a real person. Not just a blow-in. I actually live here. I’m not on holiday. I have a job, with growing responsibility. I have a real car and not a rusty bike with a squashed basket. I plan meals. I’m just one step away from a pension and investing in real estate! 


Not really, but things seem more settled somehow. Which is comforting and terrifying in equal parts. I’m still non-functional in Japanese. I’m still illiterate. I still have no idea how to throw out the bedframe and sofa that have been rotting in my garden outside area for the last seven months. But I have satnav. It’s weird. 


Since I arrived my boss has been laying the pressure on for me to stay. I can see it from her point of view – I’m white, I’m “blonde” and I’m already trained. I’m all over the goddamn posters for the school. It’s less hassle for her to just sponsor me for a real work visa when my one year working holiday visa runs out than to import a new foreign teacher.  I thought long and hard about it. The economy in my home country has tanked. The jobs market has faded to zero. I can save a lot of money here. I have a job, an apartment and a car (did I mention the satnav?)


Oh, and I kind of met someone. 


So yeah. One more year.


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