Things That Keep Me Sane II


I’ve been here 8 months now. Out in the freakin inaka (countryside). Things get boring. I have to work to keep myself entertained. 


More things that keep my mind from turning to mud. Or at least slow the process. 



It’s just excellent. Thousands and thousands of books, dvds, everything. I’ve bought a hair dryer, a straightener and many many books so far. Part of the site is in English, but it’s really just for English language books. For other stuff I put it through google translator. Sometimes the translations are a bit Engrish, but whatever. Free delivery on purchases over 1500 yen and they do cash on delivery. 


2. Internet piracy.

You know that anti-piracy ad they have at the start of dvds? “You wouldn’t steal a handbag… You wouldn’t steal a car…”

Sorry to Paramount and the like, but if I could make an exact copy of someones car by electronic means FOR FREE then yeah, I would. And fupp off with your handbag stealing talk. Most people don’t snatch bags from women’s shoulders. But women have bought literally millions of counterfeit handbags. Which is much more similar to internet piracy than actual mugging. So get lost. 

I watch tv shows online. If the stupid networks would just allow people from abroad to watch their shows on their own websites then I wouldn’t do it. They’d even get more money from advertisers (of products sold worldwide, obviously). But when I see an ad for your show telling me I can watch it for free on your site, and then I go there and I’m told that it’s unavailable in my region then SCREW YOU. I’m straight over to surfthechannel. And I don’t even feel bad about it.


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