Lacucaracha, la cucaracha, lalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaa…


I have a new arch nemesis. 


Ever since I found out that my previous arch nemesis (most badly behaved child in the school, hobbies include violence and spitting) has Aspergers’ Syndrome (yeah, embarrassing for me, I know), I’ve been on the lookout for a worthy foe.


I have found it. Them. 


Or rather, they have found me. I have cockroaches. I’ve looking for two hours hoping to find this one fucker who legged it across the kitchen floor and then completely disappeared in that way that only cockroaches can. No luck. 


After some research (what would I do without the internet) I’ve discovered that the best way to prevent infestation is… cleaning. Ugh. 


I guess I have to go shopping tomorrow for chemicals. It’s time to bring out the big guns.


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