Let’s Enjoy Beering!

kids beerこどもびいる - child beer


Sometimes in work I have to go and hunt down the kids to make them come to class. Mostly they’re just chilling on the sofas, sometimes they’re hiding in the toilets, sometimes they’re beating the crap out of each other in the corridor. 


Today I had a class of boys aged 8-10. Not a single one showed up on time. I found them huddled in a corner, passing around a can of beer, taking swigs and then pulling faces at how disgusting it was. The Japanese teacher was looking on, laughing. The room smelled like beer. I was horrified. 


Turns out, it was children’s beer. Non-alcoholic, but it looks, smells and tastes just like beer. It’s marketed to children and has a picture of a child on the label. 


I had heard rumours, but didn’t actually believe it existed. I suppose it’s a great way to get children used to the taste of beer while they’re young. I, at the grand age of 25, am still not used to the taste. I just can’t drink beer. Maybe if I’d been trained from the age of 5 the breweries would have one more loyal customer…


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