Screw Kindle, You Need This.


So The Boy was considering buying a Kindle. There’s been plenty of hype about Amazon’s new Kindle 2 reading device, and he does a LOT of reading. At the moment he has to cart his computer and books back and forth to school, so a Kindle seemed like a great idea.


But, the price – $359 from was just too high. ($359 for something that comes as a FREE application for your FREE iphone? Man amazon shot themselves in the ass with that decision.) Plus, there have been plenty of negative reviews – new software problems, too heavy blah blah blah. The consensus seems to be that they rushed out the Kindle 2 before it was ready.


Sooooo… I bring you a FREE application – Readability. I use it constantly throughout the day. Go to the website, drag the link up into your linkbar (whatsit called with chrome?) and then when you’re reading a busy eyestraining webpage, you hit it like a cartoon god. 


It’ll turn this…

printscreen colas


into this…


printscreen cola readability


And this…


screenshot guardian


into this…


screenshot guardian readability

I’m not sure how it works, but it doesn’t change the url in the address bar, and only adds three buttons – reload original page, print page and email page, seen in the top left corner. 

It’s not going to free you from your computer, but it makes reading blogs and online newspapers hella easier.

Or at least it’ll tide you over til Kindle 3 comes out.



(ETA – Apologies. I somehow combined “hit it like the fist of an angry god” with “drop on it like a cartoon anvil”. If it’s any excuse, I’m sort of under the weather today.)

(ETA 2 – Credit for the second phrase goes to The Boy. It’s the girls’ version of the first phrase. Good job honey.)


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