30 Days of Japanese Update – FAIL


The subheading for this post should be “Little Kids Are Gross – Part Two”. I’ve already had a rant about this here, but I need to re-rant. Apologies for repetition.


I was doing pretty well on my 30 days of Japanese, but then I got sick. One of the many downsides of working with children is that their standards of personal hygiene are low. I’m continually swatting little hands away from noses and ears, removing hands from underwear (their own and others’), instructing kids to cover their mouths when they cough, returning kids to the bathroom to wash their hands and generally being the hygiene police. 


As well as their filthy habits, kids come from 11 or 12 different schools, from different classes and all crowd together into one big germ-happy cloud. These horrid little clouds of skank want to hold my hand and touch my face. I just have to rein in the old gag reflex and be nice. Bleurgh.


I wash my hands all the time. I keep my own little mini towel in my bag so I don’t have to use the kids’ one (sounds weird, but a lot of Japanese have their own little towels). I even use hand sanitizer. But still. It’s gross. 


Anyway, the point is that I got some kind of stomach problem. So I haven’t been keeping up with all the tasks. Just keeping up with the SRS reps is tough enough, adding new kanji is too much. 


Yesterday I got back on track and did all my things. Since I’m trying to do 30 days in a row, what should be Day 10 or so is now Day 2. 


Wish me luck.


PS – I don’t actually hate children. I just wish their parents would show them how to use a nail brush.


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