Kanji Progress Update

RTK 15.7.9

I’ve just finished Lesson 18 of Heisig’s Remembering The Kanji 1. It was an absolute monster of a lesson with 80 kanji.

As for the SRS reps, I’m finding it really tough to keep my percentages above 80% correct. As in, I can’t. I’m consistently in the 70s. I don’t think I’m going too fast time-wise, but maybe I’m not spending long enough making the story for each kanji.

Anyway, 475 down, 1567 to go.


One Response

  1. 70% correct should, in the long term, still take you where you want to go. The whole idea behind a spaced repetition system is that anything you miss comes up again sooner next time, and then you learn it better. If your percentages aren’t good enough to make you happy, you could always scale back your multipliers and review slightly more often in the first place, but ultimately I’m not sure that would necessarily lead to learning them that much better; as near as I can tell, forgetting and then reminding yourself is a normal part of the long-term memorization process.

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