More Microsoft videos! 102 of them! Right here!

Can’t you just see the panic and fear in this guy’s guests’ eyes?

They’re wondering who has taken over his body and is making him saying things like “This results in…”, “super easy”, “super-secret-special document”.



Microsoft – Epic Fail.

Holy mother of awkward batman. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I struggled through it, though I really wanted to turn it off every time they shared a cosy group laugh. Come on Microsoft, surely you have one of the biggest marketing budgets in the world. Four mismatched actors in carefully complementing shirts in the most staged video I’ve ever seen? It’s just nauseating! Maybe you’ve heard of viral marketing? You can’t force it. If your product is that good, people will talk about it and show their friends. Trying to get users to host launch parties for your new product in their homes is just lame. Lame lame lame. Get new marketing guys.

PS – I’m free.

Notes to Self II


When your class of exceptionally rowdy 13 and 14 year old boys want to learn the words to Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”, check the lyrics before you agree. I’m expecting angry phone calls from parents.

Subnote – Avril’s a bitch.

Note to Self

happy gilmore

Watch all dvds before showing them in class.

No matter what you might think you remember from a decade ago, Happy Gilmore is not suitable for showing to a class of rural Japanese students.

The kids laughed, I cringed.

At least “dickwad” went over their heads.

I hope.

Holy Mother of Internets…

This is just genius.

I post stuff back and forth from Japan to Europe quite a bit and I’m always misjudging the size/shape of the item.

Well done US postal service. I salute you.

The Longest Way

Great time-lapse video from Christoph Rehage. He walked across China taking video of himself along the way. Impressive beard growth Christoph!