I live in rural Japan. 

I teach English to kids. 

I’ve been here since August 08 and right now I’m planning to stay til August 10. 

I started the blog for 3 reasons because my memory has been destroyed. I know that if I don’t write this stuff down now, in 10 years I’ll be all “Yeah… Japan… I think I went there this one time”. 


Oh, Cola Sensei? I often bring a bottle of coke zero to class with me. My throat gets dry with all the shouting. 

The kids have named me colasensei.


4 Responses

  1. i just discovered your blog and love it!
    i’m french, living in italy, so emigrating wasn’t as hard/unsettling as it must be for you, yet there are so many situations (i spent the whole afternoon reading your blog) i recognized!
    keep writing… take care!

  2. Ganbare!

    It’s been over a year since you started your learning program and you don’t post on it often. I was wondering how your progress has been. I am an American student currently studying in Kyoto. I’m not the greatest spokesman since I am a rather poor student but I say keep at it. There is no alternative to daily study and hard work. You do have my sympathy, it’s a very hard language but not impossible.

  3. Poop…

    I have really enjoyed your blog but it looks like it is no more. I just moved to Japan so I have been looking for like minded ex-pats out there. Looks like I missed you by about a year or so.

    Anyway, hope all is well with you and thank you for the laughs.

  4. I managed to get here tenuously from Jamie Oliver and rice pots and I also love Japanese things. I am rubbish with chopsticks and I have just about learnt watashi wa Hazera ha or something. My daughter is sick to death of my ohio gossaimus that I insist on saying at her every day and so on but she loves Ponyo. And she says Sayonara with the best sarcasm that a three year old can convey. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog and just noticed it’s only updated to Jul 2010….

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