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Embryology of the Heart

Dear Air France

Please stop sending me emails about flight deals that happened in the past.

If you send an email telling me that flights from Japan to Europe are 75,000 yen, I will click over to look.

It REALLY irritates me when this price is only valid for April 2010, three fucking months ago.

Get your shit together.

Cursor Factory

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Couch Cushion Architecture Crit


Happy Halloween!


When I started teaching, I felt like a fake. I just knew the kids knew that I felt stupid singing songs, dancing around and playing games.


Now, a little over a year in, I feel like a real teacher.


Why? Because when playing Halloween-themed bingo, I get a sick amount of pleasure from saying “Ready? Set? Ghost!!”

And then pulling out the ghost card.




I know.

Slow Posting

Lately I’ve been less than regular in posting here.

I’m in Japan on a one year working holiday visa. It runs out at the beginning of August.

Back in December, my boss asked me to stay another year. She said she would sponsor the visa and take care of all the paperwork. In February, I agreed to stay.

It turns out though, that the visa process isn’t as easy as she made it out to be. I’m not really sure what caused it, but there was delay after delay in actually sending in the application. It was finally sent off two weeks ago.

The Department of Immigration gives estimates of how long it takes to process visas – between two weeks and two months. So, possibly I won’t know if I have the new visa until after the old one runs out. I have a return flight to Europe booked, leaving in early August, returning mid-September. Whether or not I’ll be coming back, I won’t know for a few weeks.

This leaves me stuck in a strange kind of limbo. I don’t want to leave Japan just yet. I don’t want to leave The Boy. I can’t get excited about going home and seeing family and friends, because it might be the end of things in Japan. Work and daily life press on under the assumption that I’ll be here another year.

In the meantime, I have to start preparing to leave, permanently. I’m going to have to pack up all my things and leave most of it here. If the visa doesn’t come through, The Boy will have to ship it all back.

Even though people apply for visas to every country every day of the year, I never really thought about what the waiting was like. For me, it’s not that bad. I don’t have children in schools. I’m not fleeing persecution. I’ll have a place to stay when I go back.

But still. I just want to know.

Anyway, the point is that blogging isn’t at the forefront of my mind. It’s hard to write about learning Japanese, the stupid things my coworker does or the hilarious things the kids say when I have no idea how long it will all last. But I’ll try. Some things are just too mind-boggling to keep to oneself.